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Sunday, December 20, 2009

In your quest for finding the the best affiliate training that you can buy today, I can safely say that online affiliate training is the way to go. Compared to ebooks and videos and other nonsense which is spouted about and around out there, online affiliate training will mean you have access to good and up to date information which you just cannot get any other way. Unlike an ebook or guide or video series, online affiliate training has the agility of an Olympic gymnastic.

This is purely due to how the information is delivered. For example if you are writing a book on the subject of climate change for instance (a very rapidly moving subject), if you spent several months writing it, it would likely be slightly out of date when you published it. If a friend got that book out a couple of months after you'd published it, the data will likely have changed, been modified, so the book would be slightly out of date. If I got that book out of the library ten years from now, it would almost certainly be out of date.

However, if we compare that book to a popular climate change website, one which gets a lot of traffic and is updated all the time, you'd find the website would usually have higher levels of currency (that it, being current not the money stuff).

The point I am trying to make here, and I fear I may have fluffed things a little, is that websites by their very nature are so much better, and they have the ability to be updated all the time. Now this is where online affiliate training really comes in. The landscape of affiliate and internet marketing is changing so fast, it is likely things you do now will only be half as powerful a year from now. And if you stick by your ebook or guide or video series, you'll find that you probably won't develop the knowledge and skills to make money in a changing world.

That's not to say all online affiliate training places are good however, a lot are just an ebook, spread over lots of pages, and charged at $197 a month. That's not what you want! I have one simple test for any online affiliate training website that you are thinking of, and it starts with t.

Yes, transparency.

If a website is honest, ethical and probably the best at being able to help you, then it won't be shy at showing you around. You shouldn't have to put down the money before you actually see what it is. After all, if you've been suckered into spending $100 a month on so called online affiliate training by a website, you don't want to have to pay that much to begin with. An iPod can be used in store, and it's about a similar price, much cheaper if you actually spend several months at this site of yours.

To score a site on transparency, look through their website, and see if you can actually note down how it works. Can't? Leave your credit card in the wallet and fire up your email program to send the owner an email. If he or she can't explain it in a personal email, look elsewhere. I promise you, you don't want to buy that one.


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