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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Make Money Online With Paid To Click (PTC) Program

PTC program or paid to click program is nowadays a very famous and a popular way to earn money online. The main reason for this is that these programs don't require any money to begin and are totally 100% free online jobs to start. It's the best online jobs for the beginners to start their earning online and get a sufficient amount of money. they are more attractive and one of the most easiest way to make money online.

But every good part have bad parts too, its popularity now a day's also attract many fraud people who makes many online money making scam websites via paid to click program or service.

They give temptation of "get rich soon schemes" and also makes big cashout limit and also big payment time so the users cant soon comes to reality and finally fall into bad pit.

They actually fool their members that someday when they reach their cashout limit they will be paid, but that day comes after a long period of time and then after waiting for more than a month and finally they get frustrated. So beware of online scams.

Also if you have time then check out this website to know about other similar programs.

What Is A Paid To Click Program Or What Is A Paid To Click Website?

In paid to click program you will be paid for clicking on advertisement, these advertisements are generally a link to another website or a webpage showing some programs or service or products. Actually various advertisers around the globe who wants more visitors to their product or service with the intention that the visitors might get intended and use it uses the paid the click program, because these programs have the ability to give fast traffic to a website and also the geo targeted traffic and the quality traffic, all of these are very important for a product or service.

First of all these sponsors pay money to the paid to click program website and then these website pay their members to click on the sponsor's link. Actually paid to click service website acts as a middle man between the sponsors and their visitors or their target. So this is all about paid to click program or service and is the easiest way to earn or make money online.

There are lots of more programs like paid to click which you can join and know about. You can click on the below link to go directly to the website which will show you more ways of making money online.

How Much You Can Make Money Online With Paid To Click Service?

The common per click rate is one cent or $0.01. These rates are general for common users and only more than that for premium users. What are premium users? They are those who are given more adverts to click and also earn more money to click on them. So it's completely your choice to become a premium member on a paid to click website and it's an optional choice.

It will cost you money and according to me it's not a good idea to become a premium member on a paid to click or PTC website. So the general rates are one cent per click and around two cent or $0.02 bucks per click. Some website will also have $0.001 or 0.1 cent per click also it can be $0.002 or $0.005 per click.

The sites which have lower per click rate are more sustainable and their business will last longer also they attract more sponsors or more advertiser so you will get more adverts to click as compared to websites with ptc service with normal click rate of one cent. So on an average you can earn 5 cent to 10 cent daily from a ptc program, this is too low for the reason that you cannot click the same advert link again on the same day you must have to wait 24 hours to visit the same advert again and new adverts are available for few hours in a day so you must login frequently to click on more advert.

So if you lack some tricks and tips then paid to click will seen to be a very low sources of money earning.

Instead Of Very Low Earning, Paid To Click Program Is Very Popular. Why?

Yes there's a lots of per day restriction like you cannot click on the same advert link again on the same day, but instead of this many people make their living out of it. The reason behind this is that these paid to click websites will also give referral earning. A referral is the person who joins the paid to click website (in this case) on your recommendation, or using your referral link. You will get your referral link when you join any paid to click website and when someone else join that site using that referral link then he/she will become your referral. Generally the paid to click website will pay you 50% of what your referral link.

So post your referral link on the places where you think that people will click on it and might get interested. Generally the websites provides the earning for first level referral only, means only your direct referral and not the referral of your referral, they are called as second level referral, and their referral are knows as third level referral and so on. So let take an example with the website which provides earning via only first level referral.

Suppose you click 10 adverts daily with the click rate of $0.01 or one cent so you will earn $0.10 per day.

Now you have 20 active referral who also click 10 advert of 1 cent each daily, so their earning will be $2 per day.

Now 50% of 2 buck is one dollar ($1.00).

So you will earn $1.00 + $0.10 = $1.10 per day.

It sounds to be great and so easy, but if you are smart then this is very simple and easiest job to earn such money. In next section is will tell you how to get more and more referral with ease.

How Can I Get Referral With Ease?

Personally ask me it's not a very tough job to get referral, people thing that they are very tough to gain but guy like me simply make them within minutes. How? Very simple. There are simple tact's or tricks which you apply to get them, you also don't even need to work hard for years to get them or you don't even beg in front of people.

Which Is The Best Paid To Click Website?

Nice question, and ya you must know it. the best known and the most honest paid to click or ptc website is neo, there cashout limit is $2 for first time and $3 for second cashout, and $4 for third cashout and so on till $10 it means after that it will always be 10 dollar.

And the payment methods are via AlertPay, PayPal and Neteller, and payment time is instant it means here you request your payment and there you will get your cash on the payment processors. So cheers for such a wonderful paid to click website. You can join it using below banner.

Paid To Click News

When we talk about news then obviously it would be of about neo, neo is the first green paid to click website. It passes it own way and it have an extended validation for ssl certificates.

Make More Out Of Your Earned Money

Yup! If you are smart then you will surely think of making more money via investing it. There are various financial business instruments where you can invest your money safely, knowing the low risk factors and can play safely. If you earn something from paid to click program and if you don't need that in your real world then you can invest it and can make more money rapidly, just follow the below banner.


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