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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pay-to-click (PTC) sites have been around for quite some time and are very popular with people who want to earn some extra money online. On the one hand, reputable PTC sites can provide the opportunity to earn money; however, many PTC sites close down unannounced and/or do not pay members what is owed. When choosing from among the many PTC sites, there are some things that the best PTC sites should have and things to look for in a PTC site.

Most characteristics of a legitimate PTC site are basic common sense. The good sites have been around a long time, usually years. The reason these sites can stay in business is because they are reliably paying members to click ads and the advertisers believe that advertising on such sites is worth the money. Make sure the site pays out in cash and has a low minimum payout requirement. Stay away from sites that only pay in advertising credits. Good sites pay all members, not just the ones who pay the site for a premium membership.

Visit some forums or review websites and see what other people are saying about the site you are considering. The vast majority of people should be recommending any site that you spend time clicking on. What do people say about reliable payment? Is the owner or manager of the PTC site accessible through email? Does the site pay in US dollars or the currency of a stable nation, such as Canada, or are site members being paid in the Paraguayan guarani, which is essentially worthless?

How does the PTC site pay its members? Do they use PayPal or AlertPay or check? Further, how much has the site paid out to date? Do they have advertisers and what are the advertisers charged?

Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Does it make sense? Does the site have its own domain name or is it using a freebie website host? A reliable PTC site will have its own domain name. If it cannot afford the $10 for a domain name, it is not likely that it can afford to pay you for clicking.

Vetting a pay-to-click site takes a bit of time, but is well worth the effort if it saves you time and energy in the long run. Nobody wants to take time looking at advertisements and then not getting what was promised. To summarize the important things you should look for when checking a PTC site's legitimacy, stick with the sites that have: a long-term track record of paying reliably in acceptable currency, their own domain name and excellent reviews by people who actually use the site to earn money.

You will find many sites that will not meet all of these criteria. Click away from the site. You have only so much time to devote to PTC sites, it might as well be one of the best PTC sites that are reputable and where you will make money as promised.


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