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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Webmasters always want to have a good number of visitors on a daily basis. There is no guarantee your Website will have a good number of visitors even though it looks attractive and provides quality information. It is necessary that you optimize your Website to bring in the traffic. You can use the following techniques to get more Website traffic:

Create a Link Chain:
A link chain is one of the best ways to get more website traffic. You must get inbound links (commonly referred as back-links). You can get back links form other website owners who deal with similar niche as yours. You can create a list of links through a link campaign. The more links you create, the more traffic will come to your Website.

Another way to create a link chain is to make useful comments on different blogs and forums that allow you to post a link to your Website. This is a very effective way to get more Website traffic, since many people tend to click on links out of curiosity to see the link's content. You can attract traffic by posting interesting content. This way you can retain the visitor's interest and you can convert the visitor into a customer.

Submit Articles:
This is another very effective ways to get more website traffic, but is often overlooked by people. You must write informative and unique articles and submit them to various article directories. Your article should have a good mix of keywords related to your niche. Make sure the article title contains your primary keyword. Your article should be useful to visitors and of interest to them. This is important to retain the visitor's interest. When you submit article-on-article directories, make sure to include a call-to-action resource box.

Join Free Website Directories:
You can get more Website traffic by promoting your site through online newsgroups and free website directories. This way you can spread the word about your Website and people will come to know about your expertise in the subject.

Start Blogging:
Blogs are a great way to get more Website traffic. You can get a lot of referral traffic to your Website through blogs. But, in order to get traffic you must blog regularly and add informative content to them. At the end of the blog, you can paste the link that would lead the reader to your Website.

Submit Press Releases:
This is another great way to get more Website traffic. Through press releases, you can promote your Website quickly and let people know about what you are offering.

Social Networking:
Social networking is another effective way to get more Website traffic. Social networking sites are popular and attract huge numbers of people. You can promote your Website by posting the URL to your site on your homepage.

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By Dorothy J Bellisario


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