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Friday, May 21, 2010

The big question: "Is it really profitable?"

I have been in the Paid to click (PTC) Industry for quite some time now.

The sustainability of a PTC site is the key to deciding which Ptc program to join. To put it in a simple way, "Is income more than expenses?". PTC's get their income mainly through Premiums or Upgrades, through selling advertisement clicks, through selling and or renting referrals. Expenses include server fees, staff salary, programmer costs, script cost, and payment to members. Constant monitoring of these key factors that affect the "Current Net Worth" or "Sustainability" of a ptc site should lead to critical decisions and sound judgment of selecting which ones are the best and profitable.

Another big consideration is how long are they online?

Do they or did they have a good quality of service to their members as well as their advertisers?

Over the course of time, I have analysed which is the best ptc or at most the ones that belong to the top 10 ptc to register with and earn some cents in a daily basis.

Persistence is the key to success. "Knowledge is power" so they say, and keeping updated with the site's statistics as well as a good analysis of key performance indexes mentioned above should provide you with the essentials to succeed in the ptc business.

I hope this is useful resource for those who intend to endeavour into the PTC world.

How to earn from sustainable and profitable PTC sites:

1. Search Google for "top 10 best ptc investment sites", or "top 10 ptc most trusted paying", or similar keywords.

2. Register your FREE ACCOUNT.

3. CLICK ADS after Login to your Free account.

4. The ads renew after 24 hours, so to maximize your earning potential, it is very IMPORTANT to CLICK EVERYDAY.


The PTC industry is very volatile..!

As with most investments like stocks, forex, funds, futures, money markets...etc., ptc's can be profitable at one point in time as well as unprofitable in another time. When a ptc is at a loss, it sure will close down as with any business.

But, some few people well-equipped with knowledge and experience already made considerable amount of profit and still up to this very moment are making profits.
By Roland Hiquiana


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