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Friday, January 28, 2011

What is Cashium? is an international and free English based service that allows advertisers to reach customers by viewing their advertisements. Advertisers choose an advertisement pack and members view the advertisements for a certain time the advertisers have specified and members earn cash on their account.

Do I Need to Pay for Being a Cashium Member?
Absolutely not! You can derive a profit without any investment. You can also boost your earnings by referring others.

How Much Do I Earn?
Click rates depend on your current membership:
Per Click
Standard Membership Discoverer Membership Superior Membership Surpeme Membership
$0.005 $0.006 $0.010 $0.012

Per Direct Referral Click
Tier of Referrals/Membership Standard Discoverer Superior Supreme
1st Tier $0.004 (1-20) $0.004 (1-20) $0.005 (1-30) $0.007 (1-50)
2nd Tier $0.003 (21-40) $0.003 (21-40) $0.004 (31-50) $0.005 (51-80)
3rd Tier $0.002 (41-60) $0.002 (41-60) $0.003 (51-80) $0.003 (81-100)
4th Tier $0.001 (61-∞) $0.001 (61-∞) $0.002 (81-∞) $0.002 (101-∞)

Per Rented Referral Click
Standard Membership Discoverer Membership Superior Membership Supreme Membership
$0.004 $0.004 $0.006 $0.008

How Can I Become a Discoverer Member?
Users who registered before June 10th, 2010 got a special membership called Discoverer at Cashium. Unfortunately, users registered from this date onward fail to benefit from it.

Are Superior and Supreme Memberships Beneficial?
Exactly! You will be amazed in by how much your earnings increase. Compare your current membership now, simply click here.

What is a Referral?
Referral is a registered user who earns for you. There are 2(two) kinds of referrals:

Direct Referral:
A direct referral is someone who uses your username in referrer field while registering.

What are you still waiting for? Choose your banner and promote your links to gain direct referrals. Promotion tools can be found here. A distinction from many other PTC websites - we do not limit the number of direct referrals!

You can also hide your usernames from 3rd parties in your personal settings.

Tier System: The unique system we have invented lets members to refer an unlimited amount of direct referrals. You have 4(four) tiers for direct referrals and each tier counts 20-30 referrals depending upon membership. The first you refer is placed in first tier.

You are allowed to delete your direct referrals if you need more space for your active referrals in tiers 1-3. Keep in mind deleting a referral is an unrecoverable process.

Rented Referral:
Do you have difficulties to find direct referrals? In that case we can help you! We have another unique system called Multi-Upline System! It is simple, a referral can be rent to up to 10(ten) people. Thus we always have enough referrals to be rented and we are not obliged to sell bots and so on.

Rented Referral Prices and Limits
Standard Membership Discoverer Membership Superior Membership Supreme Membership
$0.30/month $0.30/month $0.35/month $0.35/month
100 max (* up to 200) 100 max (* up to 300) 400 max (* up to 1500) 1000 max (* up to 3000)
* You can increase your rented referral limits by purchasing referral slots.

What is referral slot?
Referral slot is another unique feature of Cashium to help members to earn more by increasing rented referral limits. It costs $1.40 per slot to Superior members and $1.50 per slot to Supreme members.

  • lets you replace inactive referrals with new referrals.
  • costs $0.08 ($0.05 for Supreme members) per referral.
  • will not extend the expiration date of the referral.
* All inactive referrals are recycled for free by the end of the 10th day of inactivity.


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