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Thursday, February 10, 2011

The quickest way to make money from PTC programs is to have a bundle of quality referrals. In fact, most of your earnings will come from your referrals. What do we mean by quality referrals? They are your referrals who always click their ads. Referrals are also human, and human can be lazy sometimes. If they don’t click you can’t earn from them, as simple as that.

As easy as it may sound, it is one of the biggest challenge for most PTC users especially for newbies. Looking for referrals requires a lot of effort; but once you’ve done it correctly, all your hard work will payback as your earnings will increase when your downline starts building.

There are many ways to build a huge referral base; but you have to be patient, you have to be honest, and you have to believe in the program you're inviting others to join. Always make sure that you’re not telling them to join scam sites. In a way, credibility also helps make or break your efforts to get referrals.

Here are some popular and effective ways which you could use to get referrals:

1) Make a website or blog about PTC.

This is one of the most challenging but exceptionally reliable means of acquiring referrals. Write an article about your experiences with PTCs, your recommendations, or some tips that you could share to them. Then, use this opportunity to place your referral links or banners in the website you made. It works well because you only have to write it once but people looking for ways to earn online will see it again and again.

There are a lot of free blog or website platforms out there that are easy to setup which you could use to achieve this. You could start a blogspot blog (or maybe wordpress) like this one, start making squidoo lens, or maybe write for hubpages.

Making websites is challenging because often times you have to sell your ideas to your audience or visitors in an instant to get them into action. You have to be able to capture their attention and give them the information that they need. One helpful tip that I could share to you in this regard is to make catchy titles. “Lists” and “how to” titles are some of the best examples. If you want to learn more, try my article about writing a great blog post.

The more informative and convincing your blog / website is, the more probability of it generating referrals for you. Be sure to research and use keywords to help your search engine presence.

2) Purchase / rent referrals.

Purchasing un-referred members from PTC sites is a common practice. There are many PTC members who either did not sign up under anyone, or their referrer closed their account. These members then go on sale. You can buy or rent them for a price, usually ranging from $0.30-$2 per referral. These referrals usually expire after a month. After that, either you renew your rent so you could earn from them for another month; or they go on sale again. In most cases, you will only get members that have been active recently.

This method of gaining referrals is the easiest. If you have the capital, you can gain a lot of referrals in a short time. There is huge earning potential. As your downline grows, your earnings grow rapidly.

There is only one condition. Most sites will not guarantee that the members you buy will be active after you purchase them. You may pay for 50 referrals only to see a week later that 10 of them rarely or never click. So, basically this is an "at your own risk" method of getting referrals.

Another important note: You should not purchase referrals from a site that you do not completely trust. There is word spreading around the PTC community that some scam sites are selling bots (automated clickers) as referrals. If this happens, the bot will either click minimally or stop altogether. You should always be careful when investing your own money in a PTC site.

Also, you should do the math. When you purchase referrals, you should be able to make your money back before your referrals expire. Take into account how much you make off of referrals as well as how many ads the site has each day.

3) Be active in forums.

There are some forums about making money on the internet where you can share your knowledge and ideas about making money online through PTCs. Be active, involved and interested. Share your opportunity when appropriate and invite people to PM or email you for the link and more information. If you could offer them great help, they will trust you and the site you're recommending more.

You can also get direct referrals in other forums by editing your signature. If the forum rules allow, you can add a banner or a referral link about the PTC sites you are in on your signature and then every time you post a new message, everyone will see your links.

4) Participate in Referral Exchanges.

Referral exchanges occur in forums where you can trade referrals. What this means is that someone will sign up as your referral for a site you belong to if you sign up for one of theirs. For example, if you want to get referral for PalmBux, then you have to start a new thread in a forum like "I need Referral for PalmBux". Any one who hasn’t joined PalmBux yet, will reply to your thread. In exchange for his / her participation, he / she will provide link of his / her PTC site, which you should join also.

This method works very well because chances are; you will be getting a very active referral to make you money. The reason is because that person wants you to be active in their program, so they should be active in yours also. As long as you stay active they will too.

The drawback to this method is that you will probably want to set a limit to the number of sites you will join. You don't want to sign up for so many sites that you cannot stay active in all of them. So, in this way, there is a limit to how often you can do this.

There are a lot of forums about GPTs (Get Paid To) or PTCs where you can exchange links with members. You can start on these forums:

5) Join Traffic Exchange Sites and Downline Builder Sites.

Actually, I haven’t tried these personally but I’m getting a lot of buzz about these in PTC communities. The idea behind traffic exchange sites is to surf other people’s sites to earn credits which you’ll use to advertise your site for other people to surf and earn credits as well. In short, you get people to view your site, or referral link, in exchange for viewing their site or referral links too. “I see yours, you see mine”; get the idea?

I don’t think spending your hard earned credits on advertising your referral link or page for other people to surf is a good idea to gain referrals. You’ll just be wasting time as more people will just view your ad then jump to the next ad since they’re only after earning credits to get their own agendas pushed through using traffic.

The only way I see this method working is for you to build a page where you could advertise or sell your referral link or links much better than just showing the signup page for your PTC. As you will see when you start surfing, you only have a brief moment to capture the viewers’ attention and get them to visit your site and sign up. If you don't, they will surf right past your page. So, you need a page that will load fast and get the surfer to click. If you’ve made a blog or website about PTCs already; maybe you can use it instead of your individual referral links.

Regarding downline builders, it also works based on credit system. You earn credits through clicking or signing up programs, which you’ll spend on either getting others to view your program (through clicking), or getting others sign-up to your program. I believe you earn more from sign-ups as compared to clicks. The same goes for making people sign-up under you which will cost more as compared to just having them view your stuff.

In both methods, there’s a great chance that you’ll be acquiring lots of referrals. The only problem is there’s more potential for them to be inactive simply because they became a referral as a cost or side effect of their quest to achieve something else and not as their main goal or as a means to achieve their end.

6) Advertise on PTC sites.

It might not be new to you that most of PTC sites’ advertisers are their members as well. How many times have you seen PTC sites and their login pages whenever you click ads in one of your PTCs? These are usually the handwork of PTC members who wish to get referrals for their PTC site and rarely from the owner of the PTC site itself. Guess what? You can also use this method to advertise your stuff. Instead of cashing out your earnings, you can spend it on advertising instead.

This can be an effective tool, especially for new PTC sites. If you are using an old PTC site to advertise another old PTC site, everyone who clicks would most likely already be a member of that site. However, if you advertise a hot new PTC with few members, you can really benefit from this method.

Additionally, you could use the same method as the one stated in traffic exchange sites. Advertise your “highly sellable” page filled with your PTC referral links, or maybe your own blog or website about PTCs that also contains your referral links.

7) Tell your family and friends.

Most people don't think of this even though it’s so obvious. Chances are, they do not know about it. They may or may not want to participate, but it can't hurt to ask. Just make sure you don't exaggerate. Just tell it as it is: “they could earn extra income for very little effort”.

You can also invite your online friends in social networks to join, just don’t act too spammy or they might remove you from their friends list; or worst your account might get banned. Create MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages with your referral links and banners in them. Be sure to add personality and content to your pages in order to keep visitors there longer. Once your pages are complete, link your friends and family to them to get the word spreading started.

The methods above are a guide for you on how to start getting those referrals. Though building your referral may take some time, rest assured using these methods will give you new sign-ups ready to pour in a lot of money. I am sure there are a lot of other ways to increase your downlines on any Paid-to-Click (PTC) programs. If you have other tips you use and want to share, just post a comment!

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